The most beautiful and difficult puzzles of all time (with solutions)

The most beautiful and difficult puzzles of all time (with solutions) – Emma the pastry chef, a well-known lover of mathematical puzzles and logic problems, after a long study decided to select the best puzzles: the most beautiful and difficult logical-mathematical games of all time, proposing solutions separately as well. These are questions and riddles that require both logical and creative skills to be solved.

The perfect mathematical puzzle must propose a simple situation to explain and a solution just as easy to understand but very complicated to find, often at the limit of the impossible for an average mind. At the end of each puzzle, the solution and its explanation are presented in a simple and intuitive way.

The most beautiful and difficult puzzles of all time
The most beautiful and difficult puzzles of all time

Piano Improvisation for FM

Here is a short improvisation on the piano to concentrate on solving the puzzles presented!


The * indicates the difficulty: * Medium, ** Difficult, *** Very difficult, *** Almost impossible

To begin to “warm up the engines” of your logic and lively imagination I propose this puzzle, much simpler than the others, but it has all the elements to test your ability as a problem solver!

Water Tank Puzzle (*)

A nice mathematical logic game to test your skills!

The Blue-Eyed Enigma (**)

A beautiful mathematical game where you need the stroke of genius

The Problem with the 3 Switches (**)

A challenge on the edge of paradox, in search of an “electric” solution that seems impossible

The Puzzle of Black and White Hats (***)

A problem that requires vision and fluid logic

The Dilemma of the Dark Room (***)

A mysterious room and a deck of cards for Emma

The Paradox of Monty Hall (***)

Three disturbing doors… one solution…

Everyone who tries to solve our puzzles gets musical kisses! Here they are…

The Mystery of the Mutilated Chessboard (****)

To solve this puzzle you need a spectacular parallel thought!

A Difficult Truth (****)

One of the simplest and at the same time crazy logic games that Emma has ever found!

A Curious Trip on the River (****)

A game that seems at first glance very complicated and instead is solvable in a few seconds!

Billie Jean – Piano Version

The human mind not only solves problems of logic but produces authentic masterpieces like Billie Jean…

Come and discover the magical musical world of Lorenzo Pescini!

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