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A difficult truth – Emma la pasticciera, a well-known lover of mathematical puzzles and logic problems, after a long study decided to select the most beautiful logical-mathematical games of each time, proposing their solutions separately. These are questions and riddles that require both logical and creative skills to be solved. The perfect mathematical puzzle must propose a simple situation to explain and a solution just as easy to understand but very complicated to find, often at the limit of the impossible for an average mind.

In this page we present A difficult truth, a truly incredible and exciting logic problem. You’ll have your work cut out for it. One of the hardest games Emma has ever found. The original solution is hers.

Una difficile verità
A difficult truth


That day Emma was invited to a conference of mathematicians where she also spoke of logic John, a fifteen year old with the highest IQ in Italy. So during the next refreshment he had the pleasure of knowing him. After the presentations, they began to discuss this game on which Emma had spent a sleepless night looking for the solution.

“A logician on holiday in Africa knows that he is in an area inhabited by the tribes of the Truth and the Liars: the members of the first tribe always tell the truth, the members of the second always the false. During a walk, he arrives at a crossroads where an indigenous person is stationed, and must inquire which of the two roads leads to the village. He has no way of knowing whether the native is a Truther or a Liar. Also suppose that our logic knows the language spoken by the natives and remember that Yes and No are said Ni and So, but do not remember which of the two terms corresponds to Yes and which to No”

With what only question asked to the indigenous with answer Ni or So the logical can get to the village?

(The Solution is at the bottom of the page)

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