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The Blue-Eyed Enigma. Emma la pasticciera, well-known lover of mathematical puzzles and problems of logic (Emma’s Official Page) after a long study decided to select the most beautiful logical-mathematical games of each time proposing separately also the relative solutions. These are questions and riddles that require both logical and creative skills to be solved. The perfect mathematical puzzle must propose a simple situation to explain and a solution just as easy to understand but very complicated to find, often at the limit of the impossible for an average mind.

In this page we present the blue-eyed puzzle a mathematical problem that will make you crazy because it does not seem to give all the necessary elements to be able to solve it. It seems… 😉

Have fun!

L'enigma dagli occhi azzurri
L’enigma dagli occhi azzurri


An old classmate from high school knocks on Emma’s door. They haven’t been seen in decades. Emma, after having him sit in the living room and offered him a drink, begins to chat about the many things that happened in the meantime.

Emma asks Milena:
“How many children do you have?”
“I have three daughters.”
“What age year?”
“The product of ages is 36 and the sum is equal to the house number of your house.”
Emma reflects a little and then says:

“The data you gave me is not enough.”
Milena thinks a little and replies:
“It’s true, that’s wrong! The eldest daughter has blue eyes.”

“Okay, now I know the age of your three daughters”.

How old are the three children?

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