Solution of L’Enigma with blue eyes

Milena has 3 children: two 2 years old and one 9 years old.

Let’s start by producing all the combinations of three numbers that, multiplied with each other, give as product 36:

1/1/36 Sum 38

1/2/18 Sum 21

1/3/12 Sum 16

1/4/9 Sum 14

1/6/6 Sum 13

2/2/9 Sum 13

2/3/6 Sum 11

3/3/4 Sum 10

Attention now! Emma knows the house number and then the sum of ages! So if he deto that the data were insufficient it means that the door number corresponded to the only two triplets that have the same sum: 1/6/6 and 2/2/9. At this point is therefore illuminating the last clue that is not only the color of the eyes but is the definite article! Milena in fact says that “the oldest son has blue eyes” that is, he has only one older son. The age of the children is 9 years, 2 years and 2 years.

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