Solution of The Dark Room Dilemma

Just take any 10 cards from the deck (of 40), you will form 2 decks: 1 from 30 cards and 1 from 10 cards.
Then simply flip the deck from 10 and you’re done!
Let’s assume that in our deck of 10 cards taken randomly, were merged 2 of the 10 cards with the face up, means that in the second deck of 30 cards are left 8 with the face up. That’s when you flip the deck from 10, the 2 with the face up pass down and we will find ourselves with 8 cards with the face up. We will thus have 2 decks with 8 cards facing up. Game solved.
This always works, even if in the 10 randomly drawn cards you had 3 or 4 or 5 cards up… or none or all.

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