White Christmas – The greatest 40 versions of all time


This is a page dedicated to White Christmas, the biggest selling and most popular Christmas song and perhaps also the most beautiful.

It is a song written by Irving Berlin, whose text is inspired by that of White Christmases. The song was performed countless versions, many of which are in Italian with the title “Bianco Natale.” The morning after writing the song, Berlin ran to his office and said to his secretary, “Take the pen take notes on this song. I’ve just written my best song; hell, I just wrote the best song that anyone has ever written ! “

The most famous performance of “White Christmas” is certainly that of Bing Crosby, recorded in 1942. Crosby was summoned by the recording studios of Decca Records on March 18, 1947, to re-record “White Christmas”, since the ‘original master was damaged due to its frequent use. He did everything possible to ensure the new recording was identical to the previous one, again summoning also Trotter Orchestra and Darby Singers. The 1947 version is the best known and most used today. Crosby was always very modest in relation to their success, giving the most about the song itself that those who had sung.

The disc of Crosby’s “White Christmas” is also remembered for being the best-selling album in history, to the point that since its release in 1942 was never released outside production.

The text of the Italian version, White Christmas, was written by Filibello. (from Wikipedia.com)

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The best versions of White Christmas

Kenny G (1994)

Chicago (1998)

Zucchero (1998)

Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano (1999)

Crash Test Dummies (2002)

Dionne Warwick (2004)

Westlife (2005)

Guns N’ Roses (2006?)

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