Suzuka Ichikawa – Pianist

Suzuka Ichikawa
Suzuka Ichikawa

Suzuka Ichikawa is a great pianist who among the many artistic activities here wants to remember the masterful performance of 2012 of a piece of music for solo piano by the Italian pianist composer Lorenzo Pescini.

Suzuka Ichikawa plays Behind the Moon



Lorenzo Pescini is an eclectic Florentine artist. He graduated in piano, writes music since he was a boy and has made several albums of instrumental compositions. His works, heard over 5 million times in over 180 countries around the world, have been performed by pianists and other instrumentalists, both Italian and foreign, and are frequently included in theatre programmes. Lorenzo also devoted himself to writing poems, reflections on life and logical-mathematical puzzles. He loves to immortalize moments of life through photographic shots. Founder of the site, Lorenzo is a convinced environmentalist. “Beauty will save the world” is his favorite motto.

Come and discover the magical musical world of Lorenzo Pescini! – Tutti i diritti riservati – ART014