The 35 Most Beautiful Women Ever

The most beautiful women. Over the years, among the thousands of women who have followed one another on the big screen, some have impressed us most for their divine beauty. And despite the passing years, we can still get excited about their beauty, made immortal by a camera or a camera!


We have tried to identify the thirty-five most beautiful women of all time, after careful and meticulous research, and we have listed them in alphabetical order, together with a few words about their life and a video that will instantly recall the beautiful memory you have of them or that will make you know them for the first time.

The Most Beautiful Women Ever

Here is the video where we present the most beautiful women of all time.

The most beautiful women of all time

Angelina Jolie (1975) – USA

Angelina Jolie is a globally renowned actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, she rose to fame with critically acclaimed performances in films like “Girl, Interrupted” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Jolie’s striking beauty, coupled with her talent, has earned her numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Beyond her acting career, Jolie is renowned for her humanitarian efforts. She serves as a Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and has been recognized for her advocacy work on behalf of refugees and displaced persons. Her philanthropic endeavors extend to various global issues, making her a prominent voice for human rights. Jolie’s impactful career, both on and off-screen, showcases her dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

Audrey Hepburn (1929) – Belgio

Audrey Hepburn, born on May 4, 1929, in Brussels, Belgium, was a timeless icon of elegance and grace. Renowned as a legendary actress, she captivated audiences with her performances in classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday,” earning her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Hepburn’s distinctive style, characterized by chic simplicity, continues to influence fashion.

Beyond her acting prowess, Hepburn was a dedicated humanitarian. She served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, focusing on children’s rights and humanitarian work. Her philanthropic legacy endures through the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund.

Hepburn’s enduring charm, coupled with her commitment to social causes, has solidified her status as a cultural icon. Her impact reaches far beyond the silver screen, leaving an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and the world of philanthropy.

Ava Gardner (1922) – USA

Ava Gardner, born on December 24, 1922, in Grabtown, North Carolina, was a magnetic Hollywood star and one of the most alluring actresses of her time. Renowned for her sultry beauty and undeniable talent, Gardner graced the silver screen in iconic films such as “The Killers” and “Mogambo.” Her performances garnered critical acclaim, showcasing her versatility and charisma.

Off-screen, Gardner’s tumultuous personal life and marriages to notable figures like Frank Sinatra added to her mystique, capturing the public’s fascination. Despite the challenges, she maintained a resilient spirit and continued to shine in her career, earning an Academy Award nomination for her role in “Mogambo.”

Ava Gardner’s legacy extends beyond her cinematic achievements, leaving an indelible mark on the golden era of Hollywood. Her enduring allure and captivating presence make her a timeless icon in the history of film.

Betti Page (1923) – USA

Bettie Page, born on April 22, 1923, in Nashville, Tennessee, was an iconic pin-up model and sex symbol of the 1950s. Known for her striking looks and daring poses, Page became a cultural phenomenon, embodying the free spirit of the era. Her images, often captured by photographers like Bunny Yeager, showcased a unique blend of innocence and sensuality, challenging conventional norms.

Page’s influence extended beyond modeling, as she appeared in early fetish films, contributing to the burgeoning sexual revolution. Despite her short-lived modeling career, her impact on pop culture endured, making her an enduring symbol of retro glamour.

Following her modeling days, Page faced personal challenges, but her legacy as a trailblazing figure in the world of pin-up art remains intact. Bettie Page’s iconic images continue to inspire artists and resonate with those enamored by the timeless allure of mid-20th-century aesthetics.

Brigitte Bardot (1934) – Francia

Brigitte Bardot, born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France, is a cultural icon celebrated for her contributions to film, fashion, and animal rights activism. Rising to international fame in the 1950s and 1960s, Bardot became synonymous with the term “sex symbol” due to her natural beauty and sultry allure. Her notable films include “And God Created Woman” and “Contempt,” establishing her as a French cinema legend.

Beyond her acting career, Bardot became a fervent animal rights advocate in the 1970s, founding the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Her commitment to environmental and animal causes solidified her legacy as more than just a Hollywood star.

However, Bardot’s outspoken nature and controversial statements on various issues have also drawn criticism. Despite this, her impact on cinema and her advocacy work make Brigitte Bardot a multifaceted and enduring figure in global popular culture.

Cameron Diaz (1972) – USA

Cameron Diaz, born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California, is a versatile and accomplished actress, producer, and author. Rising to fame in the 1990s, Diaz showcased her comedic talents in films like “The Mask” and “There’s Something About Mary.” Her diverse filmography includes successful ventures into drama, such as “Vanilla Sky” and “Gangs of New York.”

Off-screen, Diaz has ventured into business and writing, co-authoring books on well-being and health. Known for her infectious energy and charisma, she remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Diaz’s decision to step back from acting in recent years has allowed her to focus on personal pursuits and family life, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood.

Catherine Z Jones (1969) – Regno Unito

Catherine Zeta-Jones, born on September 25, 1969, in Swansea, Wales, is a renowned Welsh actress. She gained international fame with roles in films such as “The Mask of Zorro” and “Chicago” the latter of which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Zeta-Jones is celebrated for her beauty, talent, and versatility in both dramatic and musical roles.

Her career has spanned Hollywood blockbusters and acclaimed stage performances. Beyond acting, she is involved in philanthropy and supports various charitable causes. With her captivating presence and notable performances, Catherine Zeta-Jones stands as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, contributing to the global appeal of Welsh talent.

Charlize Theron (1975) – Sud Africa/USA

Charlize Theron, born on August 7, 1975, in Benoni, South Africa, is a distinguished actress and producer known for her exceptional talent and captivating beauty. Rising to prominence with her Oscar-winning performance in “Monster” Theron has showcased her versatility in various genres, from action-packed roles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” to heartfelt performances in dramas like “North Country” and “Bombshell.”

Her compelling portrayals and commitment to her craft have earned her critical acclaim and numerous accolades. Beyond her acting career, Theron is actively involved in humanitarian efforts, focusing on issues like HIV/AIDS awareness. With her undeniable on-screen presence and philanthropic endeavors, Charlize Theron stands as a respected and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Claudia Cardinale (1938) – Tunisia/Italia

Born on April 15, 1938, in Tunis, Tunisia, Claudia Cardinale is one of the most beautiful women of all time and an acclaimed Italian actress and an enduring symbol of international cinema. With a career spanning over six decades, she has graced the silver screen in iconic films such as “8½,” “The Leopard,” and “Once Upon a Time in the West.” Cardinale’s magnetic beauty, talent, and versatility have made her a legendary figure in the film industry.

Her contributions to Italian and global cinema have garnered numerous awards and accolades. Beyond her acting prowess, Cardinale is recognized for her philanthropy and advocacy work. With a legacy marked by timeless performances, Claudia Cardinale remains an influential and revered presence in the world of cinema.

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When we talk about beautiful women we think about the most passionate kisses. Here is a video dedicated to kisses!

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