The 35 Most Beautiful Paintings of all time

The most beautiful paintings ever. Here is my small virtual gallery where you will find the 30 most beautiful paintings (paintings, frescoes, mixed techniques, and more) that have made art history.


In this video are presented the most beautiful paintings in the world in a roundup that will fill your eyes and heart with beauty

 Masaccio – The payment of the tribute

is a famous fresco painted by Masaccio in 1425 in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence. It represents the moment when Jesus orders Peter to draw a coin from the fish to pay the tribute. The work is notable for its pioneering use of perspective and realistic character rendering.

Piero della Francesca – Flagellation of Christ

is a masterpiece by Piero della Francesca, made in 1460-1470. This Renaissance painting depicts the flagellation of Jesus with extraordinary geometry and symmetry. The use of light and shadow, together with the calm composition, gives the work an aura of mysticism and serenity.

Jean Fouquet – Madonna (detail of Melun’s diptych)

is a pictorial work of the fifteenth century. It shows the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in an elegant and refined composition. The delicate details, the skillful use of color and the calm expression of the characters make it an example of great artistic mastery of late Gothic.

Andrea Mantegna – Dead Christ

made around 1480, represents the lifeless body of Jesus with an extraordinary attention to anatomical details. The accentuated perspective and dramatic shadows give a sense of realism and pathos, creating an iconic work of the Italian Renaissance.

Sandro Botticelli – The birth of Venus

Painted around 1484-1486, it is an iconic work of the Italian Renaissance. It depicts the goddess Venus emerging from the sea on a shell. The balanced composition, the grace of the characters and the use of bright colors embody the beauty and ideal harmony of the Renaissance period.

Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper

Painted between 1495 and 1498, it is an iconic Renaissance fresco depicting the moment when Jesus announces the betrayal among the apostles. The studied composition, the expressions of the characters and the detailed realism make this work one of the most famous in the history of Western art.

Leonardo da Vinci – The Mona Lisa

painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1506, is one of the most famous paintings in the world. The portrait of Lisa Gherardini is known for her enigmatic smile, nuanced colors and mastery in nuance, highlighting Leonardo’s exceptional ability in the art of portrait and perspective.

Raffaello Sanzio – The school of Athens

completed in 1511, is a fresco located in the Vatican Rooms. It represents ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle discussing in a classical architecture. The work celebrates the importance of philosophy and antiquity, with extraordinary details and perspective that make it a masterpiece of the Renaissance.

Michelangelo Buonarroti – The Sistine Chapel

completed by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, it is a masterpiece of Renaissance art. Its walls and ceiling are adorned with spectacular frescoes, including the famous “Creation of Adam” on the ceiling and the “Last Judgement” on the altar. This artistic complex is one of the most important in the history of art.

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Among the many paintings, we present the concert of Xuangxiang Wu, as if there were a piano in the middle of a museum room!

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Tiziano Vecellio – Venus of Urbino

painted in 1538, it depicts a woman lying in a seductive attitude, symbol of love and beauty. This portrait has inspired many artists and remains an icon of the Italian Renaissance, famous for the use of vibrant colors and sensuality of the image.

Caravaggio – Medusa

Painted in 1597, it is an extraordinary portrait of the severed head of Medusa, the mythological monster. The painting is known for its realistic rendering and dramatic scene, with its twisted head and wide-open eyes that stir fear. The masterful use of light and shadow help to create a work of great intensity.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – The Night Watch

Painted in 1642, it depicts a group of Dutch militia in a lively night atmosphere. This masterpiece is known for mastery in the treatment of light, which highlights the central characters, and the psychological depth of the figures. It is one of the most famous paintings of the Dutch Baroque.

Johannes Vermeer – Girl with pearl earring

Painted around 1665, it is an enigmatic portrait of a young woman with a pendant earring. This work is known for the delicate light that illuminates the girl’s face and her enigmatic expression. It is considered one of the masterpieces of 17th century Dutch painting.

Canaletto -Piazza San Marco

It depicts the famous square of Venice, with the Basilica of San Marco and the Campanile. Accurate perspectives and meticulous detail make the painting an exceptional representation of the majesty and atmosphere of Venice in the 18th century.


William Blake – The great red dragon

Is a series of paintings by William Blake, included in his work “Illustrations of the Bible.” This series represents the iconic figure of the Red Dragon, inspired by the Book of Revelation. The paintings explore themes of strength, power and spirituality, with a visionary style characteristic of Blake, combining realistic details and surreal images.

All paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

We present the most beautiful paintings and works of Leonardo da Vinci, making this page the largest virtual museum in the world!

All paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

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