Olja Otasevic – Video Maker

Interview to Olja Otasevic (Oља Оташевић)

Hi Olja! Please to have you on Pescini.com. Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a Video Maker from Montenegro. I have a Youtube Channel:


That have almost 180.000 subscribers and over 75.000.000 views.

Olja Otasevic - Videomaker
Olja Otasevic – Videomaker

How did your passion for creating videos start?

In 2013, so much stress accumulated in my life (parental illness, later death of father and mother, difficult period of life) as if I felt that everything What I do, in every segment of life, because of the circumstances and the environment, has nothing to do with passion and love, so after many years I asked myself the most basic question: What do you want, How to get out of stress and the spiritual circle of sadness? My friend -YouTube channel  GEMINNA send a video editing program for me during that period (again, my life got meaning) I got the first lessons from her, and later I upgraded my knowledge myself. It was as if all the stress and cramps had come out of me.

What does music means for you?

I feel music with almost all my senses.  That follows me constantly and is an inseparable part of my life. Music is a language that everyone understands. It is an element that connects all people on the planet regardless of their origin and cannot be stopped by borders or prejudices. For me, music is like breathing, something without which there is no life. One tone can express a thousand emotions. Can be difficult and sluggish, tragic, but also energetic, full of hope, or pious.

What do you want to communicate with the videos to the subscribers of your channels?

On YouTube, I discovered the works of the greatest artists, collaborated with them, absorbing their timeless messages. Creating, editing videos is my way of expressing my emotions, dreams, desires and passions, it is a reflection or my inner world. It is my refuge, every creative work is an escape from reality. When I put together a story and pictures and music come together just right, it’s pure magic. It takes my thoughts to different spaces… Imagination can actually go wherever it wants, which is a very good feeling…

Which video are you most fond of?

I mostly edited videos in the most difficult moments. When my father died, I made the video Bogdan Ota – Story of my Life. It is perhaps the most personal, a reminder of my father, emotions and sadness through different periods in my life.

My Emotional Story is: “JUST WALK AWAY” Celine Dion | The Color Of My LOVE

My personal video that I prefer is: No Name – Forever Mine Forever Mine – Zauvijek Moja

What is your most successful video?

My most successful video is Gipsy Kings – Volare with Penelope Cruz with over 19 million of views.

What do you think of Lorenzo Pescini’s music?

Since 2022 I’ve been collaborating with Lorenzo Pescini a smart Italian composer.

I fell in love with Lorenzo music from the first time I listened to it. This is an amazing collection. When I listen to his music, I am transported to the world as it should be. The layering and complexity of his compositions, their timeless beauty, emotionality and depth fascinate me. From the divine instrumental melodies, the message seems to be quietly whispering that the world and people are connected by music, no matter what religion, origin, race.

Thank you very much Olja for this personal and deep interview. We look forward to your next videos that will surely be able to enter our hearts!

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