The Greatest Love Songs

The Greatest Love Songs – Here is the list of the 100 most beautiful international love songs of all time. Songs that have made entire generations fall in love.

Love Songs

Underneath the glittering canvas of a starlit night, our love blossomed like a delicate melody, a succession of notes dancing lightly in the air. Our gazes intertwined like the strings of a guitar, forming a unique harmony that resonated in our hearts.

Whispered words beneath the shade of an ancient tree became the poetry of a profound sentiment. Your voice, sweet as a symphony, echoed in the stillness of the night, creating a magical atmosphere. Your words, akin to love verses, gently settled on my heart, intertwining with the melody of our heartbeats.

the best love songs of all time
the best love songs of all time

Through sunlit days and stormy nights, our love song endured the tests of time. Like an indelible melody, our love overcame every discordant note, creating a harmony no storm could break. Every moment with you became a precious verse, a chorus singing the beauty of love.

Shared laughter became the joyful part of our song, while shed tears formed the poignant segment. Each heartbeat, a drum marking the rhythm of our story, a tale painted with the strokes of pure love.

As time moves forward, our love song continues to play, an eternal melody persisting in the infinite. Our story, encapsulated in these words, is the love song that sings the magic of two hearts beating as one, creating an endless melody.

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Song for Tanabata – Pescini

The Greatest Love Songs

70) I wanna be loved by you – Marilyn Monroe – A qualcuno piace caldo (1959)

69) I will always love you – Whitney Houston – Body guard (1992)

68) I won’t hold you back – Toto (1982)

67) I’ll fly for you – Spandau Ballet (1984)

66) If you don’t know me by now – Simply Red (1989)

65) I’m with you – Avril Lavigne (2003)

64) Iris – Goo goo dolls (1998)

63) It must have been love – Roxette (1990)

62) Jealous guy – John Lennon (1971)

61) Killing me softly – Fugees (1996)

New01) La vie en Rose – Edith Piaf (1945)

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Like sand through fingers – Pescini

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