Lorenzo Pescini and his Emotional Music

Lorenzo Pescini is an Italian pianist, composer and founder of the site Pescini.com.

lorenzo pescini
Lorenzo Pescini fotografato da Roberto Bastianoni (2019)

Graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Florence, he has made numerous musical experiences. It is estimated that his music has been played over 5,100,000 times in 180 countries around the world (as of 31/12/2023).


Lorenzo Pescini’s musical production is vast. To date he has released six albums.

BEHIND THE MOON (2009) with the Italian painter Francesco Nesi

Behind the Moon

ON THE WAY TO VENUS (2012) with 7 painters and 7 poets

Sulla strada di Venere

PIANO DI FUGA (2015) by Lorenzo Pescini & Friends – with the graphic designer Elisabetta Talone

Piano di Fuga

CHRISTMAS PIANO (2018) by Lorenzo Pescini

Christmas Piano

BOLANOID (2021) with the Italian ceramist Italo Bolano

Bolanoid – Suggestioni Italiche

LET’S TALK ABOUT US (2023) by Lorenzo Pescini & Friends

Parliamo di noi

In his albums Lorenzo has transformed into harmonies and melodies the emotions of lived moments of joy and sadness, happiness and nostalgia but also the colors of the most intimate dreams, of boundless fantasies. In his works Lorenzo has combined music with painting, piano with poetry; he has gathered musicians and artists of all kinds in search of a language that shared many different sensibilities and experiences.


From his compositions have been made numerous videos published on Youtube and Dailymotion. It goes from motivational short films (one of which has surpassed one and a half million views), to live concerts, colorful photo slide shows, presentations of fantastic paintings, sculptures and other works of art.


Lorenzo’s music has been played by professional musicians in many concerts held both in Italy and abroad: from piano to harp, from trumpet to an entire orchestra.


Lorenzo and his music have been the subject of articles and interviews published both in print and in digital magazines.

The reflections and aphorisms

Lorenzo, in addition to music, loves to write curious aphorisms, poems and existential reflections.


Lorenzo has always believed in the strength of team play, in the power of the division of successes but also of defeats. That’s why for him friendship is a fundamental element of inestimable value both in his professional and personal life.

Il Catalogo Musicale

This is the Music Catalog in which is indicated all the ways to listen and buy Lorenzo’s music streaming, download or CD.

If you want to know more about the world of Lorenzo these are his main channels and profiles:

Officiale Web Site: www.pescini.com

Youtube: www.youtube.com/lpescini

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pescinicomposer

Spotify: Pescini su Spotify

Itunes: Pescini su Itunes

Dailymotion: Pescini su Dailymotion

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