On the way to Venus – Artistic project

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“On the way to Venus” is Lorenzo Pescini’s second album, an Italian piano composer.

This body of work strives to fuse original piano music written by Pescini with paintings, sculptures and photographs created by 7 international artists. The result is that the ultimate Visual Art Experience is completely inspired by Music. Ultimately, 7 Italian poets have elaborated one poem for each of the 14 tracks.
The result is heavenly.

The Music is written and performed by Lorenzo Pescini. “Last night in Pompei” is written together with Giovanni Puliafito, a great Italian composer, and “Dragons remix” with Brado (Alessandro Pescini).

The Visual Artists are:
Alain Bonnefoit – painter – www.pescini.com/alainbonnefoit.html
Elisabetta Talone – illustrator – www.pescini.com/elisabettatalone.html 
Fabio Calvetti – painter – www.pescini.com/fabiocalvetti.html
Francesco Nesi – painter – www.pescini.com/francesconesi.html
Giovanni Maranghi – painter – www.pescini.com/ giovannimaranghi.html
Nico Paladini – painter – www.pescini.com/nicopaladini.html
Paolo Staccioli – sculptor – www.pescini.com/paolostaccioli.html
Roberto Bastianoni – photographer – www.pescini.com/robertobastianoni.html

The Italian poets are:
Angelica Piras – www.pescini.com/angelicapiras.html
Anna Giacomazzo Mugler – www.pescini.com/annagiacomazzomugler.html
Liliana Arena – www.pescini.com/lilianaarena.html
Margherita Bassi – www.pescini.com/margheritabassi.html
Pina Izzo – www.pescini.com/pinaizzo.html
Raffaella Amoruso – www.pescini.com/raffaellaamoruso.html
Roberta Calce – www.pescini.com/robertacalce.html
Simonetta Bumbi – www.pescini.com/simonettabumbi.html

Promotion by: Enrico Candido Management

Music tracks are available on Itunes.
For further information please write to: info@pescini.com

Italian version page: www.pescini.com/venere.html
(Page translated by Toni Pellicciari)


The album is available:
– Virtual Download: http://itunes.apple.com/nz/artist/lorenzo-pescini/id354121392
– To receive it directly at home: send a request to info@pescini.com

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