The best Christmas choirs of the world

Choirs for Christmas, Christmas music, young and old singing Christmas traditional songs are one of the most beautiful and exciting music of the Christmas season. On television, in church, in theaters, with or without orchestra, with the bases or to chapel; professionals, amateurs, to perform all the themes and melodies that have marked this period throughout the course of our lives.

(Off the Charts)
Jingle Bells – Piano Version

Here we have tried to find the most famous songs in the best performance we found on youtube. This is because there are posted videos of beautiful performances but unfortunately poor sound quality.

In the proposed selection you will find traditional songs (Silent Night, White Christmas, Jingle Bells, etc.) as well as modern songs (Last Christmas, Feliz Navidad, All I want for Christmas is you, etc.).

Choirs of Christmas

Choirs play a central role in bringing the Christmas spirit to life, infusing the festive season with the joyous harmony of collective voices. From traditional carols to contemporary arrangements, Christmas choirs enchant audiences with their melodic interpretations of the holiday repertoire. These musical ensembles, often comprising individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages, contribute to the magical atmosphere of Christmas celebrations.

Choirs perform in various settings, including churches, community centers, and public spaces, delivering heartwarming renditions of timeless classics and newer compositions. The collective energy and unity displayed by choir members resonate with the themes of togetherness and goodwill that define the Christmas season.

Participating in or attending a Christmas choir performance has become a cherished tradition for many, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. The beauty of choral music lies in its ability to evoke a range of emotions, from nostalgia to celebration, creating a memorable and uplifting experience for all who listen. In essence, Christmas choirs amplify the enchantment of the season, creating a musical tapestry that weaves together the magic and warmth of Christmas.

The 25 songs chosen are listed in alphabetical order.

I cori di Natale più belli di tutti i tempi
I cori di Natale più belli di tutti i tempi

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The best Choirs for Christmas

06) Stille Nacht
Coro della Società Corale Città di Cuneo

05) The First Noel
Church Choir

04) Tu scendi dalle stelle
Corale Vivaldi

Christmas Piano

03) We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Mormon Tabernacle Choir

02) White Christmas
Con el Coro de Niños de la Comunidad de Madrid

01) Winter wonderland of snow
Taipei Contemporary Chamber Choir

(Off the Charts)
Silent night for piano and strings

The selection for Christmas continues to:

Vieni a scoprire il magico mondo musicale di Lorenzo Pescini!

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