Lullaby – Ninna Nanna – Merry Christmas!

Lullaby – Ninna Nanna – Lorenzo Pescini, piano composer and Elisabetta Talone, graphic designer have made this nice video using 14 artworks by 7 famous artists (Alain Bonnefoit, Roberto Bastianoni, Fabio Calvetti, Giovanni Maranghi, Francesco Nesi and Paolo Staccioli). The soundtrack is a personal version of traditional Ninna Nanna by Johannes Brahms. These artists together poets and other musicians have realized a special artistic project entitled “On the way to Venus“.

The Wiegenlied op. 49 n ° 4 Guten Abend, gute Nacht (Lullaby: Good evening, Good night) is a composition in E flat Major, for voice and piano by Johannes Brahms written in 1868, which is part of the collection of five Lieder op. 49. she It is a lullaby for children, in fact in Italy she is commonly defined as Ninna nanna. The original text below is of medieval origin. The second verse was added to the poem in 1849 by Georg Scherer (1824–1909).

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Lullaby - Ninna Nanna

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