“Behind the moon” played on piano by Suzuka Ichikawa

“Behind the moon” a piece of music writted by Lorenzo Pescini and in this video is played by Suzuka Ichikawa, a young pianist. Lorenzo Pescini is a piano composer from Italy. Suzuka is a award-winning pianist from Sweden studing in the Copenaghen Music Accademy.
The director of this video is AndyThien Nguyen.

“Behind the moon” is extracted from the self-titled album. To know better this album, come to visit this page: https://www.pescini.com/cms/shop/behindthemoon

To know better Suzuka sound: www.pescini.com/cms/suzukaichikawa.html

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Suzuka Ichikawa: http://www.facebook.com/SuzukaIchikawa
AndyThien Nguyen: http://www.facebook.com/andythien

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